PTRS 14.5mm


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The PTRS 1941 14.5mm

PTRS rifles in action in Belgorad, notice the loader on the right operating bolt.

Mechanical Characteristics

The Simonov anti-tank rifle was a semi-automatic rifle fed by a 5 round clip (picture below) that was loaded into the receiver and then held under pressure by  swing magazine under the receiver. On firing the last round the bolt is held open, the magazine release catch can only be operated when the bolt is locked back. The PTRS is gas operated, a small hole 2/3 of the way down the barrel is used to take propellant gas and drive a ram-rod against the bolt face, unlocking it and then driving it rearward. A very agricultural rifle in its construction with rough swirl marks on the receiver, it has a tendency to jam when dirty (and the 14.5mm cartridge produces a lot of residue which blocks the gas port). It has a very long travel trigger inferior to that on the PTRD although it does come with a very crude safety catch .

A heavy rifle that can be lifted and carried by one man when necessary but only for short distances. However the rifle can easily be split down into two units, the barrel with gas system can be detached (11.4Kg) by first locking back the bolt, knocking a square peg located in the front of the receiver  (9.5Kg) from left to right, a plunger pin must be held down on the right side to unlock the peg and then the peg can be slid along until it reaches a stop pin. Complete peg removal is normally not necessary but can be removed by inserting a long pin at 45 degrees through the top of the peg to disengage the stop pin. The two separate units are easy to carry but re-assembly can be a bit fiddly when under pressure depending on how tight a fit the barrel and square peg are  to the receiver. The rifle comes with a fold up bipod and a single baffle muzzle break.



Rifle length: 2108mm,  Weight: 20.9Kg

Bolt held open, magazine empty

Bolt forward, view of magazine




The Ammunition





Left: PTRS 5 round clip


Above: Loading a 5 round clip, the clip is inserted into the receiver, not the magazine.












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