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If you are interested in Range Targets then check out the excellent book "Range Targets" by Mark Khan, part of the Wrecks and Relics series.

Pictures from the British Army Cape Pyla Range Cyprus 1990, these 1950's American M47  tanks with their sawn off 90mm gun had been used as targets for a variety of munitions from 50BMG and 20mm AP to 66mm and 84mm recoilless/rocket.

More information about the M47 can be found here



Rear-end view of the opposite (non-target) side, note that the concrete used to absorb the effects of HEAT rounds.  
Damage caused by 84mm Carl Gustaf HEAT rounds to the same M47.  
Below and Right: Cape Pyla Range December 2003, the M47s have gone and been replaced by a selection of Gulf War relics, note the split on the end of the barrel.  

Above & right: Sennybridge F range targets





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