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One some of the above rifles of the 1939 - 1945 era can be collected by the UK Firearms license holder (Section 1), in that they are all manually operated bolt action or manually operated sliding breech block rifles. These were all produced in some numbers, i.e. they were not just prototypes. The correct ammunition  for these rifles is virtually non existent or not available to the UK market so shooting them is not easy unless custom made dies and re-loads are made up (assuming both Police approval and a suitable range were located).  Several rifles such as the Finnish Lahti and Swiss Soluthern are semi-auto/full auto and can only be owned in the UK either deactivated or with Section 5 Home Office permission, however it is reported that some very rare examples were manufactured as single shot rifles due to problems with the semi-auto mechanism.  Please click on the Country of manufacture links above.


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