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The 13.2mm Tank Abwehr Gewehr M1918

The worlds first large scale anti-tank rifle, this was also the only Anti-Tank rifle in use during WW1.

It was based on an over-grown Mauser action chambered for a 13.2 x 92mm semi-rimmed bottlenecked cartridge.

The Tank Abwehr Gewehr, M1918 or T-Gewehr was capable of penetrating around 20mm of armour at 100 metres and 15mm at 300 meters, when striking at 90 degrees, the rear

sight is graduated from 100 to 500 metres. Approximately 15,800 were produced at the Waffenfabrik Mauser AG factory at Oberndorf am Neckar, delivery commenced in May 1918.

Early tanks were protected by no more than 12mm of armour plate, as such this was a fairly effective weapon despite being cumbersome at 17.3kg and 1.68m long.

Bullet weight was 795gn with a muzzle velocity of 2600 ft/sec, all ammunition was hardened steel core and manufactured at the Polte factory, Magdeburg Germany.

This rifle did not have a muzzle break, but did have a bipod assembly to help support its massive weight.

Now recently classified by the Home Office as an obsolete calibre in the UK.








Below, WW1 photographs:

T-Gewehr mounted on wheeled cart!







Pictures of T-Gewehr taken in Battery Todt museum in France, note the sling and crude bi-pod.



..and here's one that is now with a lucky collector in Canada (gives you an idea of the size)


Below: Pictures of T-gewehr in the Royal Armories, Leeds.


Below: Two technical drawings, cartridge and rifle. Click on image for larger scan.







  Right: A round of 13.2 x 92mm AP ammunition



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